in-home clock repairs

In-Home Clock Repairs

Flat Rate House Calls for Raleigh and the Triangle Area

Scott Sloan, the owner, makes all house calls. The basic house call charge is $85 and increases based on distance from our North Raleigh shop. Move-in setup and move-out preparation, balancing and beat adjustment, troubleshooting and evaluation, and proper setup to run are all services included in the basic house call charge. We do not charge by the hour for house calls. All of our house call rates are flat rates – there are no surprises.

House Call Extra Charges

We recommend that grandfather clocks made from roughly 1960 to the present be serviced every 5 years. They do not need to be serviced every year. If we perform a 5-year servicing of your modern-era grandfather clock movement while on a house call, we add $50 to the basic house call charge. If parts or additional trips are needed to resolve your clock’s problem, there may be extra charges. We are up front with our pricing – there are no surprises.

We Do a Thorough Job

All house call providers do not perform the same level of service. To properly evaluate or service a modern-era grandfather clock movement, it must be removed from the cabinet – not everybody does this. Our in-home evaluation and 5-year servicing starts with the clock movement in hand and proceeds from there. The process takes 45 to 60 minutes and is quite thorough. Paying a little more for thorough service is a better long-term value than paying a little less for relatively little service. We are in business to make money, but we always recommend what’s in the customer’s best interest. And if you do call around to price shop house call rates, please ask detailed questions and listen for honest answers. Know what you’re getting for your money.

Clock Movement Facts

We’ll always give you an honest, straightforward evaluation. All mechanical devices need lubrication, and all mechanical devices wear out – clock movements are no different. We’ll help you get the maximum life out of your current movement and will only recommend a major repair or replacement when it’s needed. And after 20 to 40 years of use, your modern-era grandfather clock movement will need major repair or replacement. For a movement still in production, we recommend replacing it. It’s the best long-term value because all parts are new, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. For antiques and movements no longer in production, the only option is repairing. The average major repair or movement replacement can easily run from $650 to $850.